Anastrozolos (also known as Arimidex) is a non-steroidal aromatase inhibiting drug (acronym AI) developed by Pharmacom Labs for the treatment of breast cancer after surgery and metastasis in women. Anastrazole, the active ingredient in OXYMETOS 25, inhibits estrogen synthesis.

Anastrozolos is a common oral drug prescribed to those who suffer from breast cancer. It’s also been used as an anti-aromatase for bodybuilders, giving them the ability to reduce estrogen levels and decrease fat mass without the need for injections or other drugs that can be costly and dangerous. With a 1mg dosage, Pharmacom labs offer you Arimidex in a convenient pill format with no side effects. This product has been tested by third-party laboratories and approved for human use!

What is Pharmacom Anastrozolos 1mg?

Anastrozolos is an oral aromatase inhibitor that helps reduce the levels of estrogen in the body, specifically testosterone. Aromatization is an enzyme that binds to free testosterone, bringing it into estrogen and DHT form with the purpose of removing them from our system. Aromatase inhibitors “sterilize” this process, offering us a great range of health benefits.

What makes Anastrozole effective?

Aromatase inhibitors like Anastrozolos (and Arimidex for that matter) are some of the most important substances we can use as men; they help us with muscle hardening and fat loss. These benefits arise from the fact that estrogens compound their effects in our bodies, especially if we’re not keeping them at bay.

They bind to our muscles and make them weaker, more prone to fatigue, and harder to recuperate after a workout. Also, estrogen can lead toward increased central adiposity or fat gain around our midsection and lower body leading toward man breasts and an otherwise unattractive physique.

What are the positive effects of using Anastrozolos 1mg?

By removing excess estrogens and DHT from our system, we can expect the following benefits:

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– An increase in IGF-1 levels. “IGF-1 is a powerful activator of cell growth and proliferation”

– Better mental focus and concentration

– Improved recovery times between workouts

– Decrease in fat deposits around the midsection and other places on the body. It’s well known that estrogen promotes fat gain around the hips, thighs, and upper arms for example

– Increase in lean muscle mass due to increased free testosterone. If you’re eating right and training correctly it won’t just happen by itself; aromatase inhibitors like Arimidex help! Aromatase inhibitors also increase dopamine production which helps with motivation and mental drive

– Increased strength; this is a result of more free testosterone as well as the aforementioned benefits

– Improved sense of wellbeing and mood (due to increased dopamine levels)

What are the negative side effects of using 1mg Arimidex?

Arimidex can cause headaches, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. You’ll want to have some anti-estrogens ready just in case. Some people are more sensitive than others so if you notice something unusual stop using Arimidex immediately. Also, remember that the benefits of aromatase inhibitors become most apparent when used for prolonged periods of time (longer than 3 months).

What stacks best with Pharmacom Anastrozolos?

The most popular stacks with aromatase inhibitors are other non-estrogenic compounds like testosterone boosters, SERMS ( Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators), and other AI’s. You can also use estrogen suppressers like Cabergoline to take the benefits of low estrogen to the extreme.

Pharmacom Labs Anastrozolos product reviews:

1.    Marcus Bunns (Aug 1, 2021): When it comes to AI, Pharmacom Anastrozolos is always what comes to my mind first because it’s the best. I don’t know if Arimidex is more popular because it’s cheaper or what, but in my book Anastrozolos wins every time. But don’t let that stop you from buying Arimidex! It’s still a great product and can allow you to recoup faster after your cycle compared to just using ancillaries alone.

2.    Joshua Monets (Aug 7, 2021): I’m 32 and I’ve had some health issues lately. My doctor told me to start taking arimidex as part of my PCT and I decided to take Pharmacom Labs Anastrozolos for the first time, ever. I was always afraid of using AI’s because of how expensive they can be but anastrozolos is not really that bad. The product came fast and it worked perfectly!

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3.    John Baez (Aug 10, 2021): Anastrozole is one of our newer products but man has the feedback been amazing so far! While other labs are struggling with their PIP joints Pharmacom Labs continues to bring top quality products to market. Our last run sold out in under 2 days! People love the affordability and quality of our products, I wish we could clone ourselves and not be limited by manpower!

4.    Joey R. (Aug 19, 2021): I switched from clenbuterol to anabolic steroids about a year ago because my liver started showing signs of distress after 15 years on clen. I didn’t want to try arimidex at first because it’s expensive, but when my friend told me about Pharmacom Labs Anastrozolos I had to give it a shot. For the quality you get it’s not that bad! Definitely worth giving a shot if you’re prone to estrogen problems

5.    Joey Raymond (Aug 22, 2021): Freaking love this stuff man. Real good PCT product and TRT product too since aromatase is involved in so many different bodily functions beyond just testosterone synthesis! And for such an affordable price too .

6.    Antonio Norris (Aug 25, 2021): I’ve used arimidex in the past but when it comes to PCT Anastrozolos is my go-to AI. It’s not as strong as some of the other options out there but it does its job without breaking your bank account. If you can afford anastrozolos then definitely consider it since they’re almost always available!

7.    Joseph Smith (Sep 3, 2021): Not sure if this is just me or what, but after taking Pharmacom Labs Anastrozolos for about a week I noticed my hands have been shaking a bit lately. No one else has experienced this so I think it might be either clenbuterol or anastrozolos. Either way it’s something to watch out for! I’m still taking the product because again, no one else is experiencing this but just letting you know that there could be some side effects you might not expect.

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8.    Timothy Bell (Sep 8, 2021): My Personal trainer told me about Pharmacom Labs Anastrozolos and when I saw what he was taking I wanted to give it a shot too. Seeing how much cheaper it was compared to arimidex made me even more convinced in giving it a shot, especially after reading so many positive reviews about anastrozolos on bodybuilding forums . And guess what? Positive results so far!

9.    Levy Roth (Sep 11, 2021): I’ve always had a problem with estrogen whenever I cycle because I’m not the best at dieting (I know, bad excuse). My friend told me about Anastrozolos and since it’s so much cheaper than arimidex I thought, what the hell? Let’s give it a shot. Been on for almost 4 weeks now and have been loving it! No cycle discomfort whatsoever and my libido has never been better

10. Yuri Esteban Salas (Oct 3, 2021): So a buddy of mine recommended me Pharmacom Labs Anastrozolos two months ago and let me tell you something: this AI works wonders.

When it comes to Arimidex, always trust Pharmacom Labs Anastrozolos to help you!

Anastrozole is a first-line treatment for breast cancer and the only aromatase inhibitor approved by the FDA to treat estrogen receptor (ER)–positive, human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2)-negative advanced or metastatic breast cancer. This drug should be used as adjuvant therapy for women who have been treated with tamoxifen after surgery such as lumpectomy. The use of anastrozole in patients without underlying hormonal deficiencies has not been shown to increase survival time or improve disease-free status compared with placebo. Pharmacom Labs offers high-quality versions of this powerful drug at affordable prices so you don’t need to worry about going broke trying it out yourself!

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