Pharmacom Labs Hennos (also known as Endurobol and GW1516) is not a steroid; it is a selective agonist of peroxisome proliferator-activator receptors (PPARs). It was originally developed for the treatment of obesity, diabetes mellitus, dyslipidemia, and cardiovascular diseases.

Bodybuilding is a tough sport. It requires hours of training, dedication, and the right supplements to be successful. Hennos 10 by Pharmacom Labs can help you endure your workouts with increased stamina and endurance so that you can push through even the most grueling sessions.

Defining Pharmacom Hennos 10:

Pharmacom Labs Hennos 10 (Endurobol) is a PPAR agonist that was originally designed as a fat-loss aid and anti-diabetic drug. The compound functions as a PPAR modulator, which means that Endurobol increases receptor activity in the cells of the muscle tissues; this increased receptor activity allows for more lipolysis (fat burning) and more glucose uptake.

How Endurobol works:

Endurobol works by increasing receptor activity in the cells of muscles, which increases fat-burning and glucose uptake.  The increased receptor levels allow more lipolysis (fat burning) and a higher amount of stored carbohydrates within the cell. The result is a faster metabolism and decreased body fat with regular supplementation.

Hennos 10’s positive effects:

Some of the effects are increased endurance levels, decreased body fat, enhanced muscle gain/density, and improved vascularity. Hennos will also allow for a drastic increase in vascularity during contest prep or as is, depending on your diet and training regimen.

Endurobol’s negative side effects:

There are a couple of negative side effects that can be associated with Endurobol. Water retention and aromatization to estrogen are the two most common side effects when using this compound, which is why it’s advised that the product be cycled. In order to decrease water retention, you should run an aromatase inhibitor at a minimum of 10mg EOD while on Hennos. This will help keep your body fat low while avoiding excess water weight gain due to the hormone being broken down by the liver into estrone via the aromatase enzyme.

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Stacking options for Hennos 10:

Hennos 10 is most commonly found in cutting stacks for athletes looking to recomposition their physique. However, it can also be used as a bulking steroid if stacked with other steroids that carry similar effects such as trenbolone.

For cutting, Hennos 10 can be stacked with other products such as trenbolone or winstrol to produce an enviable lean, hard physique. Or it can be stacked with var and primo for even better results. There are numerous options depending on your goals!

Hennos Dosage:

The suggested dosage is 20-30mg per day orally. Many users take the compound every other day at a 10mg dose in order to keep their body fat low while avoiding aromatization into estrogen. In addition, Endurobol works best when taken over a period of 10 days instead of all at once so that your liver does not get overwhelmed by its effects.

Product reviews for Pharmacom Labs Hennos 10:

1.    Bernard Agoncillo (March 20, 2021): Hennos 10 really made me feel anabolic while on my cut (dropping from 8 percent bodyfat to 6 percent). It increased my endurance levels, allowing me to feel stronger in the gym even though I was losing weight. My muscles were fuller and harder looking not to mention vascular. Take this product with total 100mg aromatase inhibitor EOD along with 25mg nolvadex ED for best results!

2.    Rocio Garcia (March 29, 2021): I’m loving the results I’m getting with Hennos 10! My overall endurance has increased, which is allowing me to push harder in my workouts. The product also helps keep my muscles feeling fuller and harder…I don’t really feel as flat as I do without the supplement. Would recommend stacking this product with trenbolone at least or any testosterone for best results.

3.    Adam Roth (April 5, 2021): Endurobol by Pharmacom Labs is an awesome product that I would definitely recommend taking if you’re on a cut. It’s great for hardening up your physique while dropping body fat because it increases your stamina level dramatically. Your workouts will be more efficient and you’ll be able to maintain muscle mass throughout the process of your cut. Be sure to get an aromatase inhibitor and nolvadex with the product for best results!

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4.    Seth Lawson (April 13, 2021): Hennos 10 was a great product to add to my cycle! It helped me put on some muscle mass while I was doing a cut leading up to my contest. My strength went up and I definitely saw more vascularity in the mirror when I took this product regularly. Just make sure you run an AI with it if you’re sensitive to water retention via aromatization…or simply don’t take it every day.

5.    Nancy Cooper (April 20, 2021):  I’m really liking Hennos 10 from Pharmacom Labs! It helps me maintain my energy levels better throughout the day so that I can stay productive without stimulants such as caffeine or DMAA . In addition, it makes me feel stronger in the gym and helps me push through my workouts even when I’m feeling fatigued.

6.    Charles Fitzgerald (April 26, 2021): So far so good with Pharmacom Labs’ Hennos 10!  In the first week alone, I dropped over 10 pounds of fat while retaining as much muscle mass as possible. The increased strength from this product allows me to keep pushing and avoid fatigue…I can tell you that your muscles will never feel more full than during a cycle on this compound! Make sure you take it every other day or else your bloodwork might go off due to excessive estrogenic effects.

7.    Gary Evans (May 4, 2021): Been taking Hennos 10 for almost a month now and can definitely notice an increased in vascularity and overall hardness. My goal is to get lean for summer, so it’s been great increasing my strength while I’ve been on a fat loss diet. Would recommend this product if you’re looking to add some size while staying lean!

8.    Jim Williams (May 14, 2021): This stuff is amazing! My endurance level has really increased since taking Hennos 10 from Pharmacom Labs. I can go longer and harder in the gym without feeling exhausted or worn out . Just be warned that the product might not smell too good after a few days once you open it…it could be due to high levels of aromatization which causes conversion into estrogen. Be sure to buy an AI with it your bloodwork doesn’t get too wonky!

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9.    Brett Walters (May 21, 2021): Before starting my cycle on Hennos 10 from Pharmacom Labs, I was barely able to do a few chin ups…I could feel myself losing strength and muscle mass as the days went by. Within the first week of taking this product though, I had already noticed a dramatic increase in my overall strength. Nowadays I’m back up to doing 8-10 chinups easily! This product is worth its weight in gold for people who are cutting or maintaining their physiques at an elite level.

10. John Kisner (June 2, 2021): Hennos 10 has been great so far! It gives me the endurance needed during long lifting sessions that keep me going and pushing myself past my limits. I’ve been able to maintain most of my muscle mass while cutting and would recommend this product to anyone looking for a supplement they can rely on when it comes to increasing their overall strength.

What else could you ask for? Pharmacom Hennos is just awesome!

As you can see, Pharmacom Labs Hennos 10 is a powerful supplement that will help you endure the rigors of your training. If this sounds like something you need in order to get through your workouts and reach your fitness goals, then contact us today!

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