OXYMETOS is a medicine manufactured by Pharmacom Labs that contains oxymetholone. Also known as Anadrol and Anapolon, Oxymetholone is a dihydrotestosterone derivative 17-alpha-alkylated at the last position. It is designed to treat osteoporosis and anemia and promote muscular growth in malnourished patients.

Look no farther than Oxymetos 25 if you’re searching for a potent anabolic steroid with strong androgenic effects. This is the most powerful injectable form of anabolic steroids that we offer. It’s also one of the few steroids that may be used as both a cutting and bulking agent. Oxymetos 25 is ideal for individuals looking to gain muscle rapidly but without any water retention. Within two weeks, you’ll notice noticeable changes!

What is Pharmacom Oxymetos 25?

Oxymetos 25 is a powerful anabolic steroid manufactured by Pharmacom Labs designed to help you build muscle quickly and efficiently. This is a highly sought-after compound that was originally developed to promote weight gain in underweight or malnourished individuals, but it’s also been utilized for other purposes such as treating osteoporosis. It can even be used as a standalone bulking cycle due to its ability to increase nitrogen retention and protein synthesis, which enhances the overall efficiency of protein utilization.

How does Oxymetholone work in the body?

Once Oxy enters the body, the hormone attaches to androgen receptors in skeletal muscle tissue. It then triggers a metabolic change that allows for an increase in nitrogen retention and protein synthesis, which enhances the overall efficiency of protein utilization. This makes it a highly sought-after compound when looking to create a lean mass cycle or gain “quick” weight.

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What are the benefits of using Oxymetos?

Due to its ability to increase nitrogen retention, this is one of the most powerful compounds for putting on mass. Using Oxymetos 25 will allow men and women alike to experience smoother muscle gain that’s free of water bloat. It can also be used as a standalone bulking cycle due to its highly anabolic nature without any risk of estrogenic effects.

What are the negative side effects of using Oxy?

If Oxymetholone is abused, or taken in doses and/or with other substances, it can cause serious damage to the body. For males, possible side effects include:

·         Virilization (development of male sex characteristics)

·         Gynecomastia (development of female breast tissue)

Females may experience:

·         Clitoral enlargement and menstrual irregularities

If you notice any of these side effects, immediately discontinue use and speak to a medical professional as soon as possible. It’s also important that you let your doctor know if you’re currently taking any prescription medications or have been using anabolic steroids prior to starting a cycle with OXYMETOS 25.

Cycle and stacking options for Pharmacom Labs Oxymetos 25:

As a standalone bulking agent, Oxymetholone should be injected at a dose of 50-150mg every day or two depending on the desired result. For cutting purposes, 50-100mg every day is all that’s needed to achieve muscle gain without excessive water retention.

For even better results, stacking this compound with other anabolic steroids that enhance nitrogen retention will produce stronger increases in lean muscle mass and strength. Some individuals stack it with Trenbolone, Dianabol, Deca Durabolin, Testosterone, and Anavar.

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Pharmacom Labs Oxymetos 25 product reviews:

1.    Juan Karlo (Jan 4, 2021): Pharmacom really knows how to satisfy customers, Oxymetos is my new favorite because it meets all the criteria needed for a quality product.

2.    Andres Alvarez (Jan 13, 2021): Best pro hormone I’ve ever used, great results in just two weeks on 100mg/day!

3.    Matt Ball (Jan 14, 2021): Stack with Testosterone and Trenbolone for amazing pumps and lean muscle. Pharmacom never fails me!

4.    James Hannigan (Jan 17, 2021): Great service as always thanks guys can’t wait to try this new compound out.

5.    Albert Kristoff (Feb 3, 2021): If you want bulking results without any water weight or bloating this is your best choice! Gains are lean and dry like you’d expect from high quality gear. One of my favorites by far!

6.    Jonathan Skittie (Feb 26, 2021): I’ve been using pharmacom products for years, they’re second to none in quality and price. Oxymetos is by far the best value on the market! I gained massive weight in just 2 months stacking 150mg eod!

7.    Aaron Douglas (Apr 19, 2021): I’ve tried 4 different brands of prohormones and this is the best by far. Gains are strong and very lean with no water gain. Been using for 4 months now at 50mg/day will be ordering again soon 🙂

8.    Ricardo Hamilton (Jun 5, 2021): My first time buying from Pharmacom was quick and easy shipping. Pharmamix 1 is great too! Loving the results so far after 20mg/day for 6 weeks.

9.    Richard Smith (July 26, 2021): Oxymetos is definitely the best pro hormone on the market. Gains are strong, fast and dry. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a solid bulking agent 🙂

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10. michael turtle (Sept 3, 2021): Deca durabolin and oxymetholone is a great stack, I started seeing results in just over two weeks! Best quality gear and well packaged. Will order again!

The best gains you’ll ever have are in Pharmacom Labs Oxymetos 25!

If you’re reading this, it may be because you are looking for an alternative to Dianabol or Anadrol. You know that there’s no substitute for the original but some people don’t like how they make them feel. Oxymetos by Pharmacom is one of our favorite products and we think it could be your new best friend!

Do you think Pharmacom Oxymetos is a great steroid? Is it gonna be worth it? Let us know in the comments below!